Miah Artola



2022 Mayors Office

NYFA Grant Recipient


Miah creates interactive installations (motion or audio-activated) that combine her paintings and drawings with new media. She has been awarded a 2021 NYFA Artist Corp grant for “The Man from Eritrea”  and a 2022 NYFA Grant for “Sky”, an upcoming web series on refugees and asylum seekers.

Her work has been shown at PS1/MoMA, DIA Chelsea, Queen’s Museum, Museum of Natural History, Andrew Roth Gallery, Galapagos, Harvestworks, Issue Project Room, The Cake Shop, Ramis Barquet Gallery,  Parker’s Box Gallery, Goodbye Blue Monday, Silent Barn, 303 Gallery, ARCO Madrid, Clemente Soto Velez Flamboyan Theater, Studio7 at Ft. Tilden, Governor’s Island, Experimental Intermedia, The Wild Project, EV Gallery, Pioneer Works

Miah is also an editor and founder of Artola Digital, a post-production company. Clients include David Lee Roth, BMI, Brooklyn Museum, Queen’s Museum, Naeem Mohaiemen, CCS Bard, The American Opera Project, SXSW Conference & Festivals, United Nations, and Meredith Monk/ House Foundation.

She is a faculty instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

Artist, Teacher, Film Editor
243 East 118th Street, #2 New York, NY 10035 artoladigital@gmail.com artoladigital.com 917.386.3138

Editing Artola Digital Video Editor, Owner 2005- present. New York, NY All Post Production demands Concept and Narrative Development, Color Grading, Large Scale Installation Software: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, MaxMSP, and Modul 8 Clients Include: Meredith Monk/ House Foundation, United Nations, DIA Chelsea, David Lee Roth, BMI, Pat Oleszko, Phil Niblock, Naeem Mohaiemen, Glassnote Records, Dance Movement Workshop, Duston Spear, Karin Schneider, Chashama, Brooklyn Museum, Queen’s Museum, Pier 59 IMDb


  • 2018 – present: Faculty Instructor at the School of Visual Arts. BFA Film and Animation Department; Photo/Video Department; Visual Critical Studies Department
  • CE instructor with Visual & Critical Studies: Video Editing, New Media, created Music Video DIY course
  • 2016-2017 Painting, Drawing, Design, Editing, and Documentary Workshops with Creative Art Works
  • 2014/15: Parsons “Time: Composition” (Teaching Assistant) Private lessons/groups Author: “Final Cut Pro for the Visual Mind”



Selected Group Shows by year


•2023 Conceived, Developed, and Produced Mixed Poetics at Maysles Documentary Center

Screening “Lucky”; Maysles Documentary Center


2022 Two-person installation at EVG “Stream”

•2021 Screening with Poetry without Boundaries REEL/poetry

•2020 Visual composer for Parish Art Museum

•2019 Featured artist for Experimental Intermedia “Screen Compositions

•2018 Visual composer Cornelia Street Cafe with Hitomi Honda and Laura Ortman Sound Traffic

•2017 Governor’s Island 3-week screening of Nicaraguan Poetry Films with the New York Poetry Festival


•2017 Selected artist for OptoSonic Tea, Pioneer Works Landlines

•2016 Anthology Film Archives, Screening of “Far Away

•2016 Pier 59 Studios, 2016 Large Scale Video Installation

•2015 Flamboyán Theater 2015, Live Visualist  Horse Study

•2015 Goodbye Blue Monday Group Show, projections Transformer Lady

•2014 Ft Tildon/ Studio 7, Group Show, Paintings

•2013 Museum of Natural History, Live Visuals with Glowing Pictures, Blue Blue Blue


•2012 The Dome at PS1/MoMA  Friend of the night


Selected One Woman Shows by year

•2021 The Man from Eritrea” EV Gallery Continual projection of narration from Eritrean refugee; with motion-

activated installation and paintings

•2017 “Sanctuary at Sanctuary City” Governor’s Island. Artist in Resident / Paintings and Audio-activated Installation

•2016 “Far Away Installation” The Wild Project. Motion-activated duel projections and paintings based on Pablo Antonio Cuadra”s poem “The Drowned Horse”

•2014-2015 “I’m Not Telling you what to do, but you have to do it”: Interactive installation Silent Barn

•2014 “The Problem of Memory” Harvestworks Interactive audio-activated installation

•Additional Selected Venues where work has been shown before 2010 include Ramis Barquet Gallery, Galapagos, Clocktower Gallery, 303 Gallery


Pratt Institute
The New School: MA



•2022: Received NYFA Grant: “Sky”

•2022: Featured in Epicenter

•2018: Residency, Governors Island Public Works Foundation. “Sanctuary City”

•2017 #31 in Women in Creative Technology

•2021: Received Arts Corp grant: “The Man from Eritrea”



•2020-present: volunteer refugee center in Mexico City- CAFEMIN

• 2022-present: volunteer refugee center in New York City- WANA

• 2015-present: Volunteer at La Esperanza Granada, Nicaragua

• 2014: Software Co-creator: APE (Audio Peak Etcher)

• 2013—2019: Co-producer and innovator of monthly AV event: “Ab Uno Pluribus”