April 2020

Sunday, April 26th: Online visuals one hour show, Parrish Art Museum 


Jan 24th: video-poems featured in “REELpoetry” POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS Houston TX

Poesía sin fronteras / Poetry Without Borders



Began: “…and also with you”

a multi-platform project on the personal stories of refugees.

motion activated original poems over 7 paintings; one line appears over each poem as you move along the wall.
Each panel represents one child who has died while under ICE custody.
One poem:
1.  shadows in this dust storm  2. calling each other’s names  3. I no longer feel the world  4. my hands have gone with you 5. Your father and I move room to room  6. the sounds outside come in as flames  7. god of my heart, sleep while I hold you

______________________________________________2019 End of year show



In addition to my regular matriculated courses with the Film & Animation department at the School of Visual Arts,

I designed two classes for the Visual & Critical Studies department.



MARCH, 2019


March 2019 Kiryoku (inner strength, willpower) Experimental Intermedia  224 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013 “Screen Compositions”  ”  My paintings, animation and video in collaboration with voice artist Ami Yamasaki and pianist Hitomi Honda.(note: the first minute is audio in blackness)

—-Mountain: 8 minute version