Far Away installation


This installation is as follows: 

There are two projections.

On one wall, a video of a mountain is projected (Projection #1). When the mountain projection is approached, it begins to corrupt and disintegrate. Moving closer to it, dissolves it.

Projection #1, in other words, is only able to be experienced from a distance.

The closer the person, the greater the corruption.

Simultaneously, every change in this mountain projection creates the second projection (Projection #2) on the opposite wall.

So, in response to the changes in Projection #1,  Projection #2 is activated and projects a distorted piece of the image on the opposite wall. Projection #2 is a cacophony of imagery, bits and pieces of the mountain in a distorted form.

projected mountain 

gallery walll





Example of stages of corruption in Projection #1:


stages of corruption


Example of Projection #2; pieces on the opposite side of the wall:

pieces on opposite side of the wall




I take a picture of the space from above (on a ladder) of the area directly in front of Projection #1. MaxMSP records the pixels. The software I am using is MaxMSP. Every change in pixilation creates a new change in Projection #1. I am going to have six increasingly radical changes take place in six levels in front of Projection #1.  The farther one is from Projection #1 the less the change to the mountain.  When directly in front of Projection #1, the mountain disappears completely. These bits of corruption are processed and projected in a distorted form on the opposite wall (Projection #2). The physical tools, all of which are installed at the gallery, are: mac mini (behind the desk) two projectors hung from ceiling, and one Logitech Webcam hung from ceiling.






MaxMSP programming and general assistance: Thomas Martinez, founder of Custom Art tools 

 Previous projects I have completed with Thomas include: custom software: APE and a one woman show at Harvestworks 



This installation presents a demonstration of the propensity to grasp and own. There is an ethical/political aspect to this piece; it is part of a larger project on Nicaragua and asks we think twice before becoming involved in other cultures and corrupting existing natural areas and indigenous communities.


This project (and all projects under  “Far Away” ) is fiscally sponsored by Media Alliance