January 2014- 2019

AB UNO PLURIBUS New York, NY.    In January 2014. I initiated a monthly AV event. 

Wolfgang Von Stuermer curates this event and the musicians while I curate VJs.   Wolfgang named it Ab Uno Pluribus (from one to many) as the musicians first play independently, then together. This event is scheduled to continue until January 2019.

summer 2018
I co-produced a benefit for Nicaragua people’s revolution with Mercedes Gallego. This significant uprising began on April 18, 2018). 

This was a highly successful Fundraiser for Nicaragua to help Nicaraguan protestors in hiding. Featured skyped refugees in hiding and Nicaraguan dancers in the garden across the street.


Returned to Nicaragua to film the poetry festival in Granada and continue work on “Far Away” a multi-platform project on Poetry and Politics in Nicaragua. I arranged my second interview with Vice President Sergio Ramírez, conducted by my friend,  journalist Mercedes Gallego

Vice President Sergio Ramírez and journalist Mercedes Gallego. So lucky to be joined by Mercades; she conducted an excellent interview on, among other topics, Sandinistas past and present and the role of the artist in politics

Performed visuals at NYU School for Music and Computing


Projects 2017


Artist in resident at Governor’s Island “Sanctuary City” – 2017; audio activated arabic poetry is projected over wall sized paintings of refugee land.


Sanctuary City Installation, Governor’s island. Audio activated Syrian poetry surrounded by landscape paintings



Greece Oct 2017 7ft x 3 ft


Ami Yamasaki performs at the closing of the show


Moonlight-3 ft x 5 ft acrylic-and-charcoal-on-paper-October-2017-300x288 (1)
Moonlight Venezuela-3 ft x 5 ft acrylic-and-charcoal-on-paper-October-2017-300×288

17 x 24 acrylic-and-charcoal-on-paper-October-2017. jpg
Canada 17 x 24 acrylic-and-charcoal-on-paper-October-2017




audio generated land paintings.

Noise near the projection generates scribbles and landscapes

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.53.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.25.30 PM




Far Away

The Wild Project

Far Away: Installation. Nov-January 2017

A motion-activated projection of a volcano (which dissolves in stages as you come nearer and nearer to it), which simultaneously generates imagery  (video, drawings, paintings)  on another wall.  The imagery illustrates The Drowned Horse, a poem by Pablo Antonio Cuadra that warns Central America of US imperialism. I am of Nicaraguan descent and return to Nicaragua every year to work on my multi-platform project on poetry in Nicaragua.

Drowned Horse 2016 watercolor on paper 9x15
Drowned Horse 2016 watercolor on paper 9×15
Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 8.53.52 AM
Installation at the Wild Project, December 2016



far away








Why Poetry? Despite Nicaragua’s travails, the quality and influence of its literature and its poetic output in particular, has earned it the epithet ‘Land of the Poets’. The poets of Nicaragua have created works that have influenced every facet of cultural, political and social life. It is a center of creativity in the Spanish-speaking world. Poets have tremendous influence in Nicaragua as politicians, revolutionaries and cultural leaders. They are found in the highest offices throughout Nicaragua: Presidents, Vice Presidents, First Ladies, Secretary of States, Military Leaders, Ministers of Culture, Ambassadors. It is not an exaggeration to say that the status of the poet in Nicaragua remains at a level not seen in any country or culture anywhere in the world


Stills from Wild Project installation   

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-3-13-57-pmScreening of “Far Away: Poetry in Nicaragua” 

This is an experimental documentary on Nicaraguan history told through its poetry. Participants include: New York State Poet Laureate (2014) Marie Howe and previous Vice President of Nicaragua, Sergio Ramirez .
July 2017:  poem videos screened at the July 2017 New York City Poetry Festival

Continue to Co-Produce monthly AV event Ab Uno Pluribus 



Donate to Nicaragua! Donations given directly to individuals who need donations. Receipts from Western Union provided.