Sky will be the second offering from “…and also with you” **award**Mayors Office / NYFA Grant Recipient for documentary webseries

Refugee I met at CAFEMIN

“Sky” is a six-part web series on refugee women who fled from Central America to CAFEMIN, a woman-run, woman-founded shelter and advocacy center in Mexico City.

Each episode will delve into another aspect of their experience, examining the specifics of how exactly and why exactly they had to leave their homes.

Poetry (from various New York and Mexican poets) and animation (by Miah Artola) are woven throughout all six episodes to further elucidate the magnitude of these women’s stories and courage.”Sky” is part of my multi-platform project “..and also with you”.


“…and also with you”  is a multi-platform project: paintings, films, motion-activated projections, and immersive installations based on the personal stories of refugees

Aakash (आकाश) means sky. Aakash also refers to open mindedness, aerospace, atmosphere and heaven.
Aakash tattoo on a refugee  who was separated from her daughter  named Aakash (आकाश) -which means sky in Sanskrit