horse in snow 2020 watercolor on paper 12×14
red deers in forest acrylic and charcoal on vinyl wallpaper, 8ftx3 ft, 2018
Horse Bow 14x17 2016 charcole on paper 2016
Horse Bow 14×17 2016 charcole on paper 2016

horse study, Granada 

“Bird and Wolf”


Blue Blue Blue at Museum of Natural History 2010

nest 2011



Drowned Horse. Poetry

“With Walker in Nicaragua” by Ernesto Cardenal  (selected for the New York Poetry Festival 2017)

The Blood of Others (selected for the New York Poetry Festival 2017)

Paper Bird, audio activated; bird made out of paper and matte medium; flying over the materials that it was made out of

Coney Island Mandala-site specific, Coney Island amphitheater 2011 

Storm with Animals, – 2008

Tracked Pastures

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Breaking Apart

deer audio activated with traffic sounds

Drowned Horse 2016 watercolor on paper 9×15



horse portrait 2016 charcoal on paper 18 x 25
Three red deers. acrylic on vinyl 3×8 ft.
Horses of the Apocalypse 2017 8 ft by 3.5 ft acrylic on vinyl
Ghost deers 2016 watercolor and pastel on paper 24×14
two deers 5ft x 2.5 ft wallpaper acrylic on vinyl
elephant 4x5ft acrylic on vinyl 2018



blue with two birds 2013 watercolor and charcoal


the drowned horse" charcoal on paper 6 x 9 inches
the drowned horse” charcoal on paper 6 x 9 inches


“blind horse portrait” 18 x 25 charcoal on paper 2016
“blind horse portrait” 22 x 35 charcoal on paper 2016


Elephant wallpaper
Fight watercolor on paper 2017 20×41
invisible deer 2018 charcoal on paper 22 x44
two men in animal masks 2018Acrylic on paper. 24x18
two men in animal masks 2018Acrylic on paper. 24×18

“animal wallpaper” excerpt horses of apocalypse 6 ft x 2 ft
Animal Wallpaper acrylic on vinyl 5×3 ft


“animal wallpaper” two deers listening 2018 charcoal, ink, acrylic on vinyl 4.5ft x 4 ft



horse portraits, chalk and charcoal on paper 12×18 2016
Dear on fire, watercolor on paper 24 x28
“wings not on”

ink on tin 2018


animal wallpaper, two deers and the devil.2017 Acrylic on vinyl. 4×4.5 ft
deers in landscape watercolor and charcoal on paper 11×17
horse 2, charcoal onpaper, 12×9 2015

new deer, charcoal on paper 19 x 29